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  WINE ENTHUSIAST Magazine, December 15th, 2006

85 points PINOT BIANCO 2004
A clean and luminous appearance set the stage for what follows: aromas of citrus, white stone, wildflowers and grass. Crisp and refreshing citrus flavors follow through to the palate and finish. (M.L.) - WE Buying Guide

  WINE ENTHUSIAST Magazine, November 15th, 2006

85 points MOLETTO ROSA Frizzante 2005 Igt Veneto Orientale 
The year's biggest trend from Italy's Prosecco region is rosé sparkling wine. These wines embody the fresh buoyancy of traditional Prosecco with a fruitier, richer aromatic ensemble. Moletto's Rosa, made from Tocai Rosso grapes, is a perfect example. The nose is redolent of raspberry and cranberry but also has an interesting brambly edge for added dimension. The piquancy of the bubbles hits the palate first but is smoothed out by crème de cassis-like flavors and pink grapefruit. (M.L.) - WE Buying Guide

  WINE ENTHUSIAST Magazine, September 2006

92 points CABERNET SAUVIGNON 'SELECTI' 2000 Igt Veneto Orientale
Just by looking at its ruby color you can tell that you're in for a fantastic ride. The nose is beautifully balanced and confirms that the magic of aging is well underway: Prune, dried currant, pencil shavings and graphite notes. On the palate, licorice, toast, vanilla and leather with a dusty quality to the finish; very layered and rich in the mouth. (M.L.) - WE Buying Guide

  WINE ENTHUSIAST Magazine, June 1st, 2006

87 points PROSECCO Extra Dry VSAQ
A lively Prosecco that yields sweet melon, lollipop, lemon-lime and clean mineral notes. Silky in the mouth and snappy on the finish: This a solid, satisfying, informal bubbly. (M.L.) - WE Buying Guide

87 points PROSECCO Frizzante Igt Marca Trevigiana
This Prosecco comes with a bottle cap closure to seal in green aromas such as garden greens, daisy flower, kiwi and lime. The wine itself even boasts a slight green hue. Refreshing and dry, with a spicy note at the end. (M.L.) - WE Buying Guide

85 points PINOT GRIGIO DOC Piave 2005
The nose is awkward, with wet hay or white mushroom delivered over fresh garden greens and stone fruit, but this Grigio polishes and primes the palate with almond skin flavors and a touch of bitterness. (M.L.) - WE Buying Guide

  WINE ENTHUSIAST Magazine, February 1st, 2006

87 points PINOT GRIGIO DOC Piave 2004
The immediate rush of floral intensity is like opening the door to a cooled florist's shop on a summer day. Violets, honeysuckle and daisy or dandelion are present, as is a soothing honey-like aroma. Lightweight and crisp in the mouth, but fun and pleasing. Imported by Laird & Company. (M.L.) - WE Buying Guide

  BIBENDA No.19 - January/February 2006

84 points FRANCONIA 2003 Igt Veneto Orientale
Franconia, which arrived in Italy from Austria and spread during the post-phylloxera period because of its marked resistance to disease, is today one of the most unique grape varieties in the north-east area of the Italian peninsula. In the heart of the ‘Marca Trevigiana’, the area around Treviso, in the fertile soil that in ancient times was the home of the Moletto Wood, the Franconia variety has become perfectly acclimatized. The siliceous composition of the soil is reflected in its fine-sculpted bouquet with clean, well-blended sensations that start with a vegetable-like hint that soon gives way to a bouquet of cassia, burnt wood and mentholated flashes. The flavor is tangible and straight-forward, in which the paired attributes of freshness/smoothness are fully integrated to create an after-taste that lasts. Vinified completely in stainless steel, it is perfect with sweet pepper risotto. (La qualità intorno ai 10 euro, Luca Grippo)

  ANNUARIO DEI MIGLIORI VINI ITALIANI 2006 (Yearbook of the Best Italian Wines 2006) - Luca Maroni

84 points TOCAI Doc Lison-Pramaggiore 2004
Sensations: what a great aromatic combination of fruit, peach, flowers and lavender this wine reveals. Lively, intense, continuous, seductively deep and crystalline. This wood-scented champion is chewy and sweetly powerful, and offers the palate a cohesive balance of acidity and smoothness. The flavor is well-orchestrated and without bitterness, while the souplesse, supported by intensity and vigor, is subtle and stealthy, with a virtuous undercurrent of fragrant grapes.

  GUIDA DEI VINI ITALIANI 2006 - Luca Maroni

84 points TOCAI Lison-Pramaggiore 2004
(see review in Annuario dei Migliori Vini Italiani 2006 - Yearbook of the Best Italian Wines 2006)

82 points MERLOT Piave 2003
Sensations: thick pulp; seductive, all-encompassing flavor; lively, mint-tinged cherry fragrance. 

82 points CHARDONNAY Lison-Pramaggiore 2004
Sensations: immaculately seductive, the scent of pear lingers in the bouquet. 

81 points PINOT GRIGIO 2004
Sensations: it is rare to come across such a cleanly made Pinot Grigio that caresses the palate and avoids spiciness on the nose. 

81 points PROSECCO Frizzante
Sensations: an assertive, fragrant blast of apple, grapes and white damson. Smooth, creamy and lively.

81 points RABOSO Piave 2000 

79 points PINOT BIANCO Lison-Pramaggiore 2004

79 points COLMELLO ROSSO 1999

79 points CABERNET FRANC Lison-Pramaggiore 2004

79 points FRANCONIA 2003 

79 points ROSATO Frizzante

78 points MALBECH 2003

78 points MALVASIA Extra Dry

78 points VERDUZZO Demi Sec

77 points Moletto BRUT Millesimato 2003 


Conclusive Comment: The 2004 whites offer great olfactory clarity, superior fragrance and excellent resistance to oxidation. Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco Lison-Pramaggiore 2004 and Pinot Grigio 2004 offer up a wealth of seductive floral notes. The stand-out reds are Raboso 2000, for its explosive tannic concentration and Merlot Piave 2003, more all-encompassing than before, with stronger balsamic notes. The cleanliness of the scents of Prosecco Frizzante and of the smooth, clear, lively Brut Millesimato Moletto 2003 is a joy to behold. A champion from the "best wines" guide is Tocai Italico 2004, a fragrant embodiment of the increased value of Moletto wines.