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90 points PROSECCO Frizzante Moletto
Its dry, fruity taste is delicious, vivacious and full of character.

  WINE ENTHUSIAST Magazine – December 15th, 2009

86 points MOLETTO BRUT Millesimato 2007
Here's a firm sparkling Brut wine from northeast Italy that boasts pristine aromas of citrus, sweet grapefruit, peach and white flower. The wine is tonic and fresh with good acidity and a cleansing sensation on the palate. (M.L.) - WE Buying Guide

85 points PROSECCO Extra Dry 2008
There's a strong mineral tone here that comes before characteristic aromas of stone fruit and citrus. In fact, these naturally drying sensations make this sparkler more friendly to salty foods like fried baby shrimp or calamari. The close is bright, tonic and a bit sour. (M.L.) - WE Buying Guide

85 points PROSECCO frizzante 2008 Marca Trevigiana
Citrus, stone fruit and freshly chopped peppermint come to mind. The intensity of the effervescence is slightly diminished (the bottle is closed with a synthetic cork instead of a pressurized cage and capsule) but the clarity of the product is true. (M.L.) - WE Buying Guide

  WINE ENTHUSIAST Magazine – December 1st, 2009

84 points CHARDONNAY 2007 Doc Lison-Pramaggiore
There's not much pulp or grit here, but this easygoing (and well-priced) Chardonnay does offer distant aromas of stone fruit and honey. Citrus flavors and sharp acidity best describe the mouthfeel. (M.L.) - WE Buying Guide

84 points PINOT GRIGIO 2007 Doc Piave
Compact and lean, this no-fuss Pinot Grigio offers little in terms of density or intensity. It is, however, a fresh and easy wine that works well on informal occasions. (M.L.) - WE Buying Guide

  WINE ENTHUSIAST Magazine, July 1st, 2009

84 points MOLETTO ROSA Frizzante Igt Veneto Orientale
Here's a pink, almost ruby-orange Frizzante sparkling rosé with strong aromas of raspberry, blueberry and pomegranate backed by natural rubber, soda pop and almond skin. This easy going wine is thin and lean with easy berry flavors. (M.L.) - WE Buying Guide

83 points RABOSO Frizzante 2007 Igt Veneto Orientale
More than a rosé, this is a red Frizzante with an eccentric aromatic offering of blueberry, almond skin, chopped mint, exotic spice and church incense. The wine is sweet and has bitter tannins at the same time, making for a strange combination. (M.L.) - WE Buying Guide

  WINE ENTHUSIAST Magazine, January 12th, 2009

92 points CABERNET SAUVIGNON 'SELECTI' 2001 Igt Veneto Orientale
This top-end Cabernet from the dynamic Moletto estate delivers impressive  intensity and  extremely attractive notes of black fruit, toasted spice and black stone. The nose is slightly sweet smelling and the mouthfeel is modern, penetrating, plush and velvety. (M.L.) - WE Buying Guide


Sensations: this concentrated and powerful champion always maintains maximum opacity of color, even during swirling. A color that expresses richness, the right degree of maturity of the fruit in its dark purple tones. Wonderfully sweet and soft on the palate with its thickening, well-neutralized tannin, suspended, fleshed out, suffused with the sensorial rotundity of its creamy and balsamic mix of plums and black cherries. Spectacular intensity and expressive power: an enological process that fully exploits the incredible oxidative integrity of the lusty sour cherry of the compositional variety.

85 points ROSATO 2007
Sensations: the limpidity, smoothness and enological fragrance of this wine are excellent. Extremely agreeable, with raspberry dominating.

84 points SAUVIGNON 2007
Sensations: the best bouquet out of a very good series of whites presented by this producer. It is so pure in its enological clarity, that it is like touching a peach.

84 points PINOT GRIGIO 2007
Sensations: enveloping smoothness and fragrances; perfumes, aromas and flavors that are both fruity and clean, new and resplendent.

84 points PINOT BIANCO 2007
Sensations: great smoothness of its dominating fruit: her majesty, the luscious pear.

80 points PROSECCO EXTRA DRY 2007
Sensations: enological process with a truly crystalline olfactory class. Noble bubbles indeed.



83 points RABOSO 2003

81 points CHARDONNAY 2007

81 points LISON CLASSICO 2007

81 points FRANCONIA 2005

81 points MERLOT 2006



80 points MALVASIA Extra dry 

79 points COLMELLO BIANCO 2006


Conclusive Comment: Compliments to Moletto, not only for the remarkable average quality achieved in the latest improvements made, but also for the high average value of each wine produced.
Whites produced through excellent enological processes – Pinot Bianco Lison-Pramaggiore 2007 and Pinot Grigio 2007 – tantalize the nose. One of the most integral varietals of the vintage is the Sauvignon 2007: peach with a diamantiferous light. The crisp raspberry of the Rosato 2007 gives it an exquisite aroma. Excellent also the clarity of the Brut, an olfactory feast thanks to the floral freshness of its perfume. But there is not only smoothness in this glass: the extractive concentration of Cabernet Sauvignon Selecti 2003 and Colmello Rosso Edizione Speciale 2000 is truly monumental. The best of the tasting is Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso 2007, a red whose mass of exceedingly purple and pulpy fruit yields with the enveloping tannic softness of the original, magnificent, black native energy.


"Moletto Winery extends luxuriant, in its 90 hectares of vines, in the extreme edge of the province of Treviso, there where the Marca Trevigiana, from soils rich in clay and limestone, it bathes in the Livenza. Family winery, from the tied up face to the charisma and the personality of whom who work, from Mario Stival, true 'soul' historic, to his wife Ann, to his children both oenologists. Various and of discreet quality the general production, aimed to the revaluation of the autochtonous vines."

3 clusters COLMELLO ROSSO EDIZIONE SPECIALE 2000: Garnet red, aromas of plum jam, marasca cherries in alcohol, violet, licorice, cardamom. Finish with aftertraces of minerals and officinal herbs. Warm and textured swallow, tannic, good acidity. 6 and an half years in barrique.

3 clusters CABERNET SAUVIGNON SELECTI 2003: Ruby red. Marasca cherries in alcohol, dark chocolate, juniper berries, licorice caramel and caoutchouc. Warm and consistent, with an excellent tannic structure. Balanced with fruity IAP. 48 months in barrique.

3 clusters COLMELLO ROSSO 2001: Pale ruby red. Perfumes of plum jam, cherries in alcohol, tobacco, coffee, green peppercorns and china. Coherent and agreeable, with silky tannins. 48 months in barrique.

3 clusters MERLOT AFFINATO IN BARRIQUE 2004: Blackberry, marasca cherry, macerated red flowers, juniper, licorice and mild tobacco. Warm and robust with tannins of exquisite structure. 2 years in barrique. 

3 clusters RABOSO 2003: Luminous ruby red with perfumes of plum, marasca cherry, humus and dark chocolate. Well-structured, decidedly fresh with a fine tannic texture. 48 months in used barriques.

3 clusters MERLOT 2006: Ruby red. Fragrance of red cherries, currants, cyclamen and underbrush. Vegetable notes with a star aniseed finish. Warm and full-bodied, with silky tannins and good acidity.

3 clusters REFOSCO DAL PEDUNCOLO ROSSO 2007: Deep red reflections. Scent of bilberries, underbrush, marked vegetable notes and black pepper. Harmoniously cool and balanced. Velvety tannins.

3 clusters FRANCONIA 2005: Ruby red, scents of dark overripe fruit, cherry jam, balsamic and underbrush notes and mineral hints. Pleasant on the palate with good acidity and delicate tannins. Slightly bitterish persistence. 

3 clusters SAUVIGNON 2007: Pale yellow with varietal scents typical of the grape variety: tomato leaves, green sweet pepper, mint and lime.  Soft, sapid and cool with a citrus finish.

3 clusters BRUT MILLESIMATO 2006: Light-gold. Fruity and floral. Cool and harmonious.