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  UN MESE IN CUCINA - n.12 Dicembre 2013

I vini del mese – BIANCO ROSSO e…


THE BEST WINE, 90 points MOLETTO DEMISEC Millesimato 2011
Sensations: pure fruit grapes with fantastic frothiness and extractive pulpiness, with absolutely true persuasive taste. With the irresistibility of its dense flesh, softness amplified by powerful extract, it stands out in all its original purity of flavor. Shining not only for the wine processing, technically excellent, but standing out in a very virtuous way for its rare wealth of composition. There is no way to avoid this dense glycerin realizing the plot: it is a prisoner of pulp, simply raising its effusive persistence. A really creamy aftertaste, brightness of its native floral pulp is dominant.

89 points SAUVIGNON Igt Veneto Orientale 2011 

88 points VERDUZZO DEMI SEC Vsq 2011

87 points REFOSCO dal P.R. Igt Veneto Orientale 2010

87 points CABERNET Igt Veneto Orientale 2011

87 points MALBECH Igt Veneto Orientale 2010 

86 points PINOT GRIGIO Doc Piave 2011

86 points PINOT BIANCO Igt Veneto Orientale 2011

86 points GLISY FRIZZANTE 2011

86 points VERDUZZO TORCOLO Igt Veneto Orientale

86 points COLMELLO ROSSO Igt Veneto Orientale 2004

85 points  MOLETTO BRUT Millesimato 2009

85 points PROSECCO EXTRA DRY Doc Treviso 2011

85 points CHARDONNAY Doc Lison-Pramaggiore 2011 

85 points MERLOT Doc Piave 2010

84 points LISON Docg CLASSICO 2011

84 points ROSA FRIZZANTE 2011

82 points PROSECCO Doc Treviso FRIZZANTE 2011

81 points BRUT ANNOUNO 2008


84 points PROSECCO EXTRA DRY Ca' Sisa

Conclusive Comment: Moletto’s glass is persuasive, clear, consistent in a fruit in a brilliant way. Immediately caresses of the white Sparkling Glisy 2011, wonderful Sauvignon 2011, an example of executive clear enology, dense, enveloping, with still shining oxidative integrity. The concentration rises with red wines, in a balsamic, spicy, creamy way with Colmello Rosso 2004, in a great expressive firmness by Malbech 2010 and in a vivid violet of Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso 2010. With sparkling wines fragrance and clearness in enological performance stand out, with Prosecco Doc Treviso Extra Dry 2011 with its pure aroma integrity. Fruity but in sweet and lively evidence in Verduzzo Demi Sec 2011, and in a wonderful best wine the Moletto Millesimato Demi Sec 2011: pure grape in floral, enveloping and fresh effusion, without any defect or interjection. Chapeau.

  BIBENDA 2013

"Terrains destined for wine and a millennia-old tradition of wine-making, those of the Moletto winery. Land that first, thanks to the Paleovenetians, then the arrival of the Romans and, over the centuries the Republic of Venice, saw the growth and spread of the vineyards that represent the heritage and pride of these areas.700 000 bottles were produced during last year by this winery, established in 1960 and conducted by Stival family. A good match that between innovation and tradition, well interpreted by Mario Stival & family through the respect of the preexisting vineyards revolutionized in the workmanship, conferring to wines historically present on the territory, an international appeal."

4 clusters COLMELLO ROSSO 2004 Igt Veneto Orientale: Garnet red. Gives a complex an ethereal bouquet, with balsamic, plant notes of rhubarb and licorice which alternate on the base of brandied cherries. Warm and full-bodied, balanced with well-integrated tannins and a long balsamic final. Passes 1 year in steel barrels and 6 in oak barrels. Roasted kid.

4 clusters BRUT MILLESIMATO 2009: Crystal clear straw yellow with greenish reflections. Delicate, tastes like rennet apples, hawthorn and hints of minerals. Soft and with very fresh-fruity taste. Closes long on citrus tones. Octopus salami.

4 clusters BRUT ANNOUNO 2008: Golden reflections envelope a fine and persistent perlage. Fragrant nose alternates aromas of quince with brackish notes, scents of mixed herbs with iodine tones. Taste soft and structured, has soft foam and mineral persistence. Roasted lobsters.

3 clusters RABOSO 2005 Doc Piave: Complex nose, cherry jam, vegetal notes, sweet tobacco, cocoa butter and licorice. Fresh taste, quite savory and warm, bright tannin and mint tones closure. 12 months in steel and 48 in oak barrels. Stewed sheep.

3 clusters SAUVIGNON 2011 Igt Veneto Orientale: It smells of mint, lime, grapefruit, sage and citrus. Fresh taste, soft and with persistent citrus final. Steel. Risotto with Parmesan cheese.

3 clusters PINOT BIANCO 2011 Igt Veneto Orientale

3 clusters CHARDONNAY 2011 Doc Lison-Pramaggiore

3 clusters LISON DOCG CLASSICO 2011

3 clusters REFOSCO DAL PEDUNCOLO ROSSO 2010 Igt Veneto Orientale 

3 clusters PINOT GRIGIO 2011 Doc Venezia

3 clusters MERLOT 2010 Doc Piave


3 clusters DEMISEC Millesimato 2011 VSQ

3 clusters MALBECH 2010 Igt Veneto Orientale

3 clusters CABERNET 2011 Igt Veneto Orientale

  BEREBENE 2013 del Gambero Rosso

Oscar Quality-Price LISON Docg CLASSICO 2011
Tai is grape variety that is present from centuries in Lison-Pramaggiore DOC area, where a deep layer of clay that constitutes the soil provides basis for grapes of a great quality and character. This is what happens on Moletto’s winery, that offers this Lison Classico with vegetable scents remembering almonds and cut grass, which provides a lightweight but tough palate with a satisfying drinking.


This family business was founded in 1960 by Mario Stival, supported by his wife Anna, and from Eighties, by sons Mauro, Giovanni and Chiara. 90 hectares of vineyards, in the new Doc Venezia, that give a beautiful and unique Raboso, produced uniquely (a rare case!) from grapes Raboso Veronese: ruby wine that impresses with its balance between a nice freshness that makes emerge black fruit and tertiary sensations of graphite, cacao, tobacco and spices. Wine of a rich personality that plays on thin tertiary notes of dried flowers and goudron, balanced and easy to drink. Very pleasant is Prosecco with hints of iris, hawthorn and nettle, with soft taste. Refosco releases a ruby purple color with flavors of blackberry, pepper and herbal notes.

Golden Star RABOSO Doc Piave 2005 

2 Stars PROSECCO Doc Treviso EXTRA DRY 2011

1 Star REFOSCO dal Peduncolo Rosso Igt Veneto Orientale 2010