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Pinot Bianco


The  bunch is small, compact, cylindrical and often  branched.
The berries are straw-yellow,  small to medium in size, round and irregular.
The skin is thick, characterised by a black spot at the tip of each berry.


A grape native to Burgundy, France and in the past, in fact, in the Venice region it was known as Borgogna Bianco (Burgundy White).
Its origins go way back and it is very probable that they are to be found in the Roman grape-growing and wine-making tradition the republican and imperial legions exported throughout the Empire.
The spread of the Pinot Bianco grape within the eastern Veneto region is fairly recent and the wine made from it is known for its elegance.


In 1960, when the Moletto winery was founded, a number of old vines were already found on the winery’s lands. Among these were the Pinot Bianco.
Moletto winery has always believed in the potential of this grape and twenty years ago, needing to propagate the species of this old variety, it decided to use the Kober 5BB rootstock that is the most competitive in terms of its roots.
This means that the Kober 5BB root structure is the best for capturing a balanced amount of nutritive substances from the soil. This rootstock is also not overly leafy which guarantees that the nutrients go to the grapes and are not lost elsewhere (for example, the leaf system).
This rootstock was chosen following careful analysis of the winery’s soils to decide where the Kober 5BB could best be located within its vineyards. The result was that it was decided to cultivate the Pinot Bianco grape in the land the Moletto winery owns in the Lison-Pramaggiore DOC area with its clayey-calcarious and extremely tenacious soil that is perfect for this variety.
This choice – which proved to be a good one – was accompanied by extensive acquired agronomic and oenologic experience.
On an agronomic level, this translates into special attention to pruning methods (spur pruning to keep the yield low, approx. 70 quintals per hectare), the soundness of the grape and the perfect time to harvest.
On an oenologic level it translates into selecting choice yeasts and wine-making techniques at a controlled temperature to preserve and enhance nature's unique creation.
It is the preferred variety of wine expert Giovanni Stival who proudly offers it as a still Pinot Bianco wine and as two sparkling wines, Moletto Brut Millesimato and Moletto Demisec Millesimato.