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A spumante of rare beauty, the ideal wine for the holiday season.
A splendid spumante: Moletto Brut Millessimato VSQ vintage 2004 is the perfect wine for holiday toasting. The coming holidays and New Year merit a superlative wine to accompany the festivities. Without forgetting that Moletto Brut is the ideal wine to offer for any special moment. A superb spumante that enchants those tasting it for the first time and always enthuses those already familiar with it. Moletto Brut, for which the 2004 vintage has just been made available, is the result of a long process of research and experimentation by Giovanni Stival, the wine expert for the Moletto winery. To start with, the basics: Moletto Brut Millesimato is created from 100% Pinot Bianco grapes, not a mixture of grapes. What does this mean? Pinot Bianco is a noble vine with very old origins. After long and meticulous experimentation, Giovanni Stival chose the route - following vinification in stainless steel with fermentation using select yeasts - of maturation in Allier oak barriques for two months. Following this period, the wine is transferred to autoclaves to be turned into sparkling wine using the Charmat method, where it stays for 19 months. "Despite this long period in the autoclaves," explains wine expert Giovanni, "Moletto Brut retains its marked fruity character and complex taste that offers balanced acidity and elegant tannicity." What lies behind the decision to keep it in autoclaves for 19 months? "Thanks to this method," Giovanni continues, "we are able to firmly harness the youthful impetuousness of the bubbles but without smothering it. It removes the aggressiveness while leaving its youthful exuberance. It is the touch that renders Moletto Brut even more seductive. With time, its vivaciousness matures becoming elegant and finding the right balance in the mouth without becoming intrusive. We must never forget that on the palate, the wine and its flavor must be the primadonnas, those aspects which are most satisfying; its vivaciousness is that something extra, like a frivolous hat worn by a beautiful woman." An extremely elegant wine, Moletto Brut Millesimato VSQ vintage 2004 is superlative for holiday toasting. Its light gold color, vivacious and sparkling, goes perfectly with Christmas lights. It has a refined, straight-forward bouquet with a delicate fruitiness that diminishes with time. It is dry, but without being harsh or unassertive. On the palate, when young it has a noteworthy fruitiness that becomes increasingly complex with age. Quick to froth, with fine, lingering perlage that are enchantingly harmonious. Awarded the Diploma of Merit at the 8th Enocongegliano 2006 wine festival, it received 81 points in the Guida dei Vini Italiani 2007 wine guide by Luca Maroni, who wrote: "A spumante with this olfactory crispness is rare: naturally grapey fragrance and intensely vivacious." Moletto Brut Millesimato VSP 2004—we raise our glasses to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Prosperous 2007!