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New presentation packaging for "Solamini et amicis" Passito 2003.
Its new packaging is shiny, amber-colored and seems to reflect all the gleam of holiday lights. It is "Solamini et amicis" Passito 2003 making its appearance in a new 375 ml presentation box, the ideal wine to savor while awaiting all those special moments of the season, either alone or with friends. Complex yet delicate scent, it offers the rich bouquet of apricots, raisins, figs and hazelnuts against an elegant vanilla-scented background with honeyed, toasted traces. Warm and enveloping, on the palate "Solamini et amicis" Passito 2003 has the same olfactory blend of dried fruit and even some mineral hints. Sweetness and alcohol content are balanced by the right amount of freshness and its tannicity and persistence are caressing and velvety. It is offered at the end of a 30-month fermentation and aging period in barriques. During the winter months, and especially during the holidays, it is the perfect companion for fois gras, savory, aged cheeses, honey and dark chocolate. "Solamini et amicis" Passito 2003 is the ideal accompaniment to these refined foods. Try it with pecorino cheese drizzled with chestnut honey. The result of intense, loving preparation that draws on traditional techniques jealously handed down from father-to-son, "Solamini et amicis" Passito 2003 is the ideal wine for meditating the good things in life.