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January 13, 2020: Moletto celebrates 60 years of activity on the day of the 90th birthday of the founder Mario Stival.
A long day of celebrations and meetings which concluded with the words spoken by Commendatore Mario Stival.
"Dear all, thank you for participating today in a not-so-ordinary anniversary.
Sixty years of MOLETTO and 90 years of life for me.
Furthermore, I dedicated two thirds of my life to this company where I have been the pioneer.
I was a real estate trader. When I purchased this estate in 1960, I found myself wiping the state clean.
The Moletto was a nice piece of land but had been left to itself by the previous owner.
I decided that these lands had to be enhanced again. So, I began to arrange them by providing a total conversion to the cultivation of vines.
Here, I experienced the tragic days of the 1966 flood, but I also dealt with the enthusiasm of the restart, the recovery that gradually led this company over the years to embrace technology and innovation, and to be known worldwide.
This ancient territory of Moletto, rich in secular history, in the last sixty years has certainly changed its original shape: from the sixteenth-century forest to the current expanse of vineyards carrying on what had already been marked in the nineteenth century by Count Luigi Revedin who had honored these lands through the cultivation of cereals and the cultivation of vines guaranteeing the families who already lived and cultivated these lands two centuries ago, to live with dignity thus avoiding emigration to America.
I don't consider myself conceited if I say that I am proud that these sixty years of Moletto, run by Stival family, have always honored these lands that I love, we love, and for which we spend our energy to preserve the tradition, the vocation and dedicate ourselves to collect the fruits in order to ensure outstanding products.
In this enterprise I have not been alone and I am not alone.
First of all, I want to thank my wife Anna so much, by my side from sixty years.
My first supporter.
My first patient collaborator.
At the beginning I was always at Moletto and she took care of the whole family.
Caring for my parents, raising and educating our children have been her invaluable commitment and support.
Anna continues her precious service in the company also nowadays.
I thank you my children: Mauro, Giovanni and Chiara. Each with a different aptitude. They are essential for being up to date.
They are now responsible for running the company.
And now the co-workers.
We wanted everyone to be here today.
The current employees, those who concluded the collaboration with us, those who retired after all the working life spent in this company, and, through the closest relatives, even those who are no longer here with us. Anyone who visits my office knows that I keep the picture of all of them.
In giving thanks to all employees, a special thought goes to the very first ones: Nino and Giovanni.
In 1960 they left with me every day from Belfiore.
Their simplicity and dedication for the company have certainly been an example for those who came later, to whom, as in a relay race, handed over the sense of good dedication to work.
This sense to work in the right way and the love for work in the cellar, in the fields, in the office belongs also to the young new workers.
So thank you all.
Friends of Moletto street area: families among whom there are sincere friendship, esteem, respect and simplicity.
External colleagues and salespeople are indispensable for the diffusion of the brand and the products.
Customers, in Italy and worldwide, without which companies would not exist and economy would not run.
And now my 90 years.
Ninety years of life truly lived from 1930 to today.
Almost a century of history, of many personal anecdotes to tell, of knowledge and relationships, and of many friendships.
I had my father as a teacher, who, despite being rigorous and severe, has been an example of honesty, open-handedness and love. 
I worked honestly.
I didn't spare myself with those who asked me for support.
I hope I have loved enough.
I definitely love life.
And I don't lack energy.
And now let's toast"