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We are very very proud!
Moletto GIN awarded Bronze Medal at the GIN & TONIC COMPETITION of the IWSC International Wine & Spirits Competition 2017 held in London.
Winning a coveted IWSC award isn’t easy but that’s what makes the medal so well respected .
The Competition runs a structured and rigorous two-stage judging process, first using the ‘double blind’ judging method meaning samples are tasted in pre-poured numbered glasses so that judges never see a bottle. The second stage of the judging is the detailed chemical and microbiological analysis which is undertaken by an independent third party.
Moletto Gin is is a very original botanical gin produced using the alcohol from selected mixed grains, and two spirits made from botanical varieties of juniper berries:  from Mediterranean maquis and from the Alps. But the gin’s originality comes from a botanical feature that distinguishes and characterizes it: the tomato (fruit).
Crystal clear and brilliant. It begins with a burst of juniper fragrance. Then the sunny Mediterranean essence of the tomato stands out, followed by notes of rosemary, mint, basil, and then citrusy and balsamic notes.
On tasting it is smooth and it is at first coming out the sharp juniper berry note, than followed by the enticing note of the original botanical features of the tomato. A ripe tomato that finally invigorates the palate with its fragrant, refreshing and citrusy notes.
Moletto GIN stood out in the category GIN & TONIC confirming how interesting it is to use it in the mixology world where the choice and combination of ingredients is primary to the realization and the success of cocktails, from the traditional cocktails to the ones originated from the fantasy, professionalism and passion of mixologists.