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The result of fine artisan production from selected pomaces, Moletto Monovitigno grappas are fine distilled spirits with their own unique taste and aroma. High-end products that are elegant with refined balance, their packaging has been re-designed to reflect the quality of the product within it: white box with gold lettering. The product line has also been expanded. Now alongside our Tocai 235, Pinot Bianco 193, Merlot 146, Cabernet 336 and Verduzzo 256 grappas, we offer four other grappas produced from pomaces of Piedmont grapes: Grappa di Arneis 014, Grappa di Barbera 019, Grappa di Moscato 153 and Grappa di Nebbiolo da Barolo 160. The number included with the name of the grappa indicates the clone of the grape variety.