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Luca Maroni's guide to wines for 2007 has been published. The guide, in its evaluation of Moletto wines, marks a 2.67% increase in the overall Quality-Price Index compared with last year's average. Luca Maroni comments: "A rich array of wines of virtually excellent value is presented by Moletto, its glass filling in consistency. Rich and strong in glycerin its Pinot Grigio and Tocai Italia 2005, very mature its Colmello Bianco 2002, to be presented less-aged. Among the reds of note are its full-bodied Merlot Piave Barrique 2003 and its Cabernet Franc Lison Pramaggiore 2005, the best of the lot given the high standards used in making it. Delicately full-bodied, something rare, its Verduzzo Demi Sec spumante; of superior olfactory crispness the Brut Millesimato Moletto 2004 with bubbles of superior expressive distinctness. My compliments."
Gratifying also the presentation of the Moletto winery by the Duemilavini 2007 Guide's editors: "One can almost imagine Giovanni Stival, the winery's young, creative wine expert, as he tours the cellar, unseen by his father Mario and siblings Mauro and Chiara, lovingly checking the wine aging in 'his' barriques. 'His' because, flying in the face of commercial wisdom, he is the one who insists that the wine remain in barriques so that its full evolutional potential can be appreciated. A family business founded in the 1960s that makes its entry into this Guide with an interesting and varied product range".
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