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Once again, on January 5, the tradition of Panevin will be observed at the Moletto winery. Legend in the Venice region says that since ancient times, local populations have lighted bonfires in the countryside on the left bank of the Piave River on Epiphany eve to light up the night sky and aid the Wise Men in their journey towards the manger of Jesus. In reality, the origins of Panevin are even older and hearken back to ancient rituals with the great bonfire that burns the symbol of poverty to drive it away. It was Mario Stival, founder of the Moletto winery, who reinstated the tradition in order to invite friends to share the evening of Panevin over wine and to watch which way the sparks flew. A wonderful custom that is now carried on by his children Mauro, Giovanni and Chiara who prepare a splendid gathering at the winery to spend a joyous evening with friends.