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Curiosity and interest in Moletto wines from Chinese consumers attending Vinitaly China, the major Italian wine fair combined with Cibus and traditional Italian cuisine, held in Shanghai this past November. The Chinese market has only recently opened up and is destined to grow. Its full potential is there to be discovered and should not be underestimated. Nonetheless, given that the market is still in a very early stage, there are a number of controversial and complex aspects to be overcome. "I would say that the presence of Moletto wines at Vinitaly China generated much curiosity," noted Paolo Graziani who follows the Asian market for the Moletto winery. "It must be kept in mind that the wine and food culture of the Chinese consumer is extremely different from that of his Italian or European counterpart. We chose to bring only red wines to Shanghai to adapt to the idea Chinese consumers have of wine. They believe that 'red' embodies the very essence of wine. It will take some time before they learn that white wines, which are more delicate, go very well with many Chinese dishes". Even if the journey has just begun, it is encouraging to note the interest the more sophisticated end of the Chinese market has in European wine and culture.