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Not even a hailstone has touched Moletto vineyards.
Extraordinary perfumes for white wines, sumptuous colors and flavors for the red wines.

Harvest 2017: there really is to thank “Fortuna” (good luck). The lands where the Moletto vineyards extend, both in Motta di Livenza in the area of the ancient forest of the Serenissima Repubblic and that in Belfiore di Pramaggiore, they have not known those sudden events that unfortunately, in other parts of the Treviso area, have made irreparable damages.
During the season 2017, Moletto vineyards did not experience the thrill of spring frosts. In the summer when violent thunderstorms have sprung up on the Treviso area its lands were miraculously escaped from calamities, which mark the vineyards in a heavy way, because the are also felt in the following year.
There was indeed water stress. Mitigated by the fact that the Moletto soil composition is mostly clayey, therefore able to retain even that little rain coming down from the sky.
The results of this harvest 2017, really very particular, are for Moletto beyond all expectations.
The drop in quantities has been, but not for all grape varieties. Since the production Moletto varied, it is interesting to examine which are the varieties where production has decreased and those, on the contrary, where the yield was even higher last year.
The temperature change occurred has facilitated the development in the white grape variety of harmony notes that give off aromas and marked and valuable hints, leading to pleasant perceptions.
For the red wines, the melody coming from colors, scents and flavors could result as in a "Ravel Bolero". Sumptuous and impenetrable colors, reds defined as impregnated with all the strength of summer: dense, tannic, creamy, already capable of leaving unforgettable sensations to those who are now enjoying them, just a few weeks from harvest.
We just have to wait, once bottled they will reveal magnificent surprises.