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ISO 14001 Environmental Certification Achieved
Developing production processes and systems with full respect for the environment.

More respect for the environment: with practical actions, all summarised in ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Certification. This voluntary path was chosen by Moletto to demonstrate in a transparent way how it approaches wine production with the utmost respect for the environment.
“Environmental Certification – according to Moletto – is a process we undertake willingly, to demonstrate in a transparent way how our company respects our surrounding environment by adopting safe and efficient environmental management systems”.
The road to certification is complex, strict and detailed. Every single aspect and area of the business is meticulously examined. There is only one goal: to achieve consistent, efficient and sustainable production, making a practical commitment to limit its environmental impact.                                  For years, Moletto has held UNI EN ISO 9001 certification, and has already implemented the 2015 update which will become the new standard in 2018. It also holds BRC and IFS certifications - in class A – for the safety, hygiene and legality of food products,
Now, with ISO 14001, Moletto wants to make a further, significant step towards a sustainable economy, with future generations in mind. Of course, this was to be expected from a company whose roots are embedded in the distant past and whose corporate philosophy has always been to use cutting-edge technologies and systems to make the best possible use of the rich natural resources employed in wine production.
Moletto is a family-owned company. Its vineyards extend over a very special natural enclave where the Moletto forest once stood centuries ago. As a result, the soils have unique characteristics which the company has always protected and will continue to protect in the future, through this Environmental Certification.              
Environmental balance is a key tool of Certification. It takes into account the following factors involved in production: energy, water, pesticides, equipment, combustibles, packaging, paper, various stationery and electronic instruments, among others. At the end of the production process, emissions such as noise, odours, production waste materials (e.g. from pruning), heat losses, packaging waste and non-industrial waste are evaluated. All of this is covered by a strict legislative framework.
Environmental Certification means closer monitoring of each production process and more frequent maintenance to optimise the process, with the aim of minimising its environmental impact.                              
Since 1960, Moletto’s mission has been to enhance the terrain, by conserving natural habitat and extracting first-class wines from the bountiful grapes in its own vineyards. A mission that, in the XXI century, is becoming increasingly “green” because, after all, the future goes hand in hand with sustainability. For this reason, Moletto identified a range of environmental emergency scenarios, defining the most suitable containment procedures and responses for each one to protect employees and the surrounding environment. These scenarios include: fire and evacuation, emission of pollutants, spillage of hazardous substances and extreme natural events such as earthquakes, floods and tornados. The simulation tests for emergency situations and spillages are repeated annually in order to be alert and ready to act promptly and effectively, if required.                                     
Because being green means passion and focus.