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  WINE ENTHUSIAST Magazine – December 15th, 2007

Thanks to its vertical aromatic delivery, you can enjoy this sparkler's upfront fresh notes of green apple, peach, crushed white pepper and mineral. Beyond those is an extra layer of honey and toast thanks to some oak aging; bubbly effervescence adds a piquant touch on the palate backed by sweet fruit flavors. (M.L.) - WE Buying Guide


94 points, Exceptional, Gold Medal GRAPPA di NEBBIOLO da Barolo
Pale golden color. Suede, toasted Brazil nuts, and fragrant baked plum and pear aromas. A round, silky entry leads to a dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body of a melange of stone fruit, autumn fruit, and golden raisin flavors with delightful acacia honey and heather accents that are curiously reminiscent of lowland Scotch. Finishes with a long, fruit and spice fade with a dash of white pepper and mineral dust. A superb aged grappa for after the big meal or innovative cocktails. (tasted on Nov-28-2007) - Tastings.com

92 points, Exceptional, Gold Medal GRAPPA di BARBERA
Clear. Dried pear, prune, and pepper aromas. A round,silky entry leads to a fruity medium body of dried fruit, sweet cream, and peppery spice flavors. Finishes with crisp,warming, and balanced, lingering pear and creme Anglaise fade. A superb and complex choice to conclude a hearty Mediterranean meal. (tasted on Nov-28-2007) - Tastings.com

  1000 VINS DU MONDE 2007 – Vinalies Internationales

COLMELLO ROSSO 2000 Igt Veneto Orientale: Moletto extends up to the extreme is of the province of Trevise, there where sounds-ground of Marca Trevigiana is drained by the river Livenza. Since the invasion of the Hungarians in 912, the big woody surfaces of Trevise were reduced for the benefit of the setting-up(presence) of new farms on fertile soils. This Venetian wine adorns itself with a steady dress, similar to the velvet, then reveals an elegant freshness, in spite of its advanced age. The complex aromas of evolution appear then: prune, almond (kernel) and dried fruits accompany a round mouth.

  WEIN-PLUS.com, 2007

Excellent (87) CABERNET SAUVIGNON 'SELECTI' 2001 Igt Veneto Orientale
Mature, appealing nose, wilted flowers, partly dried mixed berries, preserved cherries and dried prunes, sweetish spicy notes and roasted notes. Juicy, spicy roasted notes on the palate, some more sweetish spicy notes, oxidative notes, medium-fine, slightly sandy tannins, tobacco and dried fruit, some dried tomatoes, good persistence and medium depth, full-bodied, some mint in the background, good long finish. (03.07.2007) Wein-Plus.com

Very good (84) SAUVIGNON 2006 Igt Veneto Orientale
Cassis, elderberries and floral components on the nose, stalky and herbaceous notes. Prominent herbaceous notes on the palate, light vegetal notes, apples and some citrus zest, peppers and some banana, has some substance, moderate acidity and noticeable carbon dioxide, attractive finish. (02.07.2007) Wein-Plus.com

Very good (82) FRANCONIA 2004 Igt Veneto Orientale
Cherries, raspberries and blueberries on the nose, delicate roasted notes. Delicately juicy fruit, slightly spicy roasted notes, medium-fine tannins, light acid bite, chocolate on the palate, quite a lively style, attractive finish. (03.07.2007) Wein-Plus.com

Very good (82) MOLETTO BRUT Millesimato 2004 Vsq
Muted nose, apples and citrus, vegetal notes. Light-bodied, delicate fruit and more vegetal notes, fine mousse, delicate tart notes on the palate, herbaceous as well as yeasty notes, attractive finish. (27.07.2007) Wein-Plus.com

Very good (82) MOLETTO ROSA Frizzante Igt Veneto Orientale
Clear nose with raspberries and blackcurrants. Prominent fruit on the palate, not totally dry, elegant acidity and harmonious mousse, very pleasant to drink, fruity on an attractive finish. (02.08.2007) Wein-Plus.com

Very good (80) MERLOT BARRIQUE 2003 Doc Piave
Mature nose with mulberries, some dates and partly dried plums, some alphabet biscuits, rubber tyres and some roasted notes. Fairly mature on the palate, too, slightly juicy, more spicy notes reminiscent of alphabet biscuits, slightly astringent tannins, noticeable oak, not particularly deep, attractive finish. (03.07.2007) Wein-Plus.com

  WINE ENTHUSIAST Magazine, July 1st, 2007

85 points MOLETTO ROSA Frizzante Igt Veneto Orientale
Bright and vibrant in appearance with ruby highlights, this pretty rosé sparkler has drying aromas of white chalk and stone fruit to make for an elegant ensemble. The wine is simple, genuine, sweet and would make a great appetite opener. (M.L.) - WE Buying Guide

83 points RABOSO Frizzante Igt Veneto Orientale
More of a red frizzante than a rosé, this deeply ruby semi-sparkler delivers bold and potent medicinal and balsam aromas: Cherry cough drop is in center stage. The herbal flavors come in awkward contrast to the wine’s sweet, plush mouthfeel. (M.L.) - WE Buying Guide

  GLI SPUMANTI D'ITALIA 2007 – Guida Oro Veronelli

1 leaf MOLETTO DEMISEC VSQ 2002 - Wine with some cleaning problems (a.a.), but overall acceptable. The bubbles are very fine and come together in a lovely wreath of white foam (I.b.). On the nose there are notes seductive (I.b.), although a little 'soft (a.a.) as well as in the mouth with that ending pleasantly sweet (I.b.). Wine easy afternoon snack. 

1 leaf MALVASIA Extra Dry 2005 - There are wines that want to be leaders and others who aspire to perform an everyday role. This wine belongs to the latter. It is well done, the bubbles are quite fine and persistent (I.b.), are delicate and floral scents (m.s.), as it should be, and character is recognizable (m.s.), although it may be more noticeable Malvasia (a.a.); emerges on the nose with a bouquet in clear view the notes of honey and hints of apricot (I.b.). In the mouth, due to its simple structure and nice (m.s.), is a little off 'and is barely recognizable (a.a.), but its freshness and good balance (l.b.) placed it among the wines that are drunk as an aperitif in happy a summer evening (m.s.).

  GUIDA DEI VINI ITALIANI 2007 - Luca Maroni

83 points CABERNET FRANC Lison-Pramaggiore 2005
Sensations: wild clorophyllousness: wild blackberry bush with sweet pepper with an explosive, swollen, innately powerful aroma.

82 points COLMELLO ROSSO 2000
Sensations: this champion excels in consistency and there is good balance between its closely-knit tannic structure and its fleshily mature and viscous round opulence. Tremendous sweetness evolved from its vanilla spiciness. 

Sensations: this dense, round wine exhibits great pulpy vivaciousness. Excels in smoothness, density and all its characteristics are naturally full and grapey.

81 points Moletto BRUT Millesimato 2004
Sensations: a spumante with this olfactory crispness is rare: naturally grapey fragrance and intensely vivacious. 

81 points SAUVIGNON 2005
Sensations: its varietal rings through clearly and intensely, proof of the quality of its raw material, and the technical skill used in making the wine.

82 points RABOSO Piave 2001

81 points CHARDONNAY Lison-Pramaggiore 2005

81 points FRANCONIA 2004 

81 points MERLOT BARRIQUE 2003 

80 points MALBECH 2004

80 points MERLOT Piave 2004

80 points REFOSCO dal Peduncolo Rosso 2004

80 points TOCAI Lison-Pramaggiore 2005

80 points PINOT GRIGIO 2005

79 points PINOT BIANCO Lison-Pramaggiore 2005

78 points Moletto ROSA Frizzante

78 points RABOSO Frizzante

77 points COLMELLO BIANCO 2002


75 points PROSECCO Frizzante


Conclusive Comment: A rich array of wines of virtually excellent value is presented by Moletto, its glass filling in consistency. Rich and strong in glycerin its Pinot Grigio and Tocai Italico 2005, very mature its Colmello Bianco 2002. Among the reds of note are its full-bodied Merlot Piave Barrique 2003 and its Cabernet Franc Lison-Pramaggiore 2005, the best of the lot given the high standards used in making it. Delicately full-bodied, something rare, its Verduzzo Demi Sec spumante; of superior olfactory crispness the Brut Millesimato Moletto 2004 with bubbles of superior expressive distinctness. My compliments.


"One can almost imagine Giovanni Stival, the winery’s young, creative wine expert, as he tours the cellar, unseen by his father Mario and siblings Mauro and Chiara, lovingly checking the wine aging in 'his' barriques. 'His' because, flying in the face of commercial wisdom, he is the one who insists that the wine remain in barriques so that its full evolutional potential can be appreciated. A family business founded in the 1960s that makes its entry into this Guide with an interesting and varied product range."

4 clusters TOCAI Lison Pramaggiore 2005: Its nose is elegantly comprised of the unblemished fragrance of almond, peach and pear blossoms. Savory and enveloping on the palate, it is a balanced wine that leaves a characteristically almondy aftertaste.

3 clusters CABERNET SAUVIGNON 'SELECTI' 2000: Its truly generous aroma is comprised of fruit preserved in alcohol, unsweetened cocoa, spices, hint of vegetable, mentholated whiffs and juniper. To the taste, it coherently combines spirited-yet-compact tannins and smoothness.

3 clusters FRANCONIA 2004: Floral fragrances followed by currant, blueberry, fern and whiffs of chinaroot and spices. On the palate, its youthful nature offers fruity and mineral sensations, good acidity and savoriness. Spicy aftertaste.

3 clusters RABOSO Piave 2000: Hints of ripe blackberry and sour black cherry, leather, licorice, humus and chinaroot. In the mouth, the acidity typical of the vine species and the  decisive-yet-compact tannins erupt, but without covering the fruity aftertaste.

3 clusters COLMELLO ROSSO 2000: Delightful nose with a peppery, mentholated hint. On the palate it offers blueberry, wild berries, cocoa, licorice and tobacco, together with a mineral savoriness that is held in balance by alcohol and smoothness. The aftertaste is clean and commendably long.

3 clusters MERLOT BARRIQUE 2003 Piave: Traces of ripe blackberry and sour black cherry, sweet spices, vegetable and balsamic hints, pepper. In the mouth it is enveloping, balanced and consistent, with clear-cut tannins and fruity hints.

3 clusters SAUVIGNON 2005: Varietal but delicate nose with a hint of tomato leaf, sage and citrus. Surprising in the mouth with a nervous freshness and savory edge. Fruity aftertaste.

3 clusters MOLETTO BRUT Millesimato 2003: Fragrant nose of bread crusts, followed by citrus and white musk. Pleasing acidity and savoriness balanced by a soft creaminess.