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  WINE ENTHUSIAST Magazine – December 15th, 2008

91 points 'Solamini et Amicis' PASSITO 2003 Igt Veneto
The wine opens with a beautiful amber color and offers nut, dried apricot, honey, resin and orange zest. It has a thick, gritty quality with toasted flavors of roasted chestnut and loads of luscious sweetness. (M.L.) - WE Buying Guide

  WEIN-PLUS.com, 2008

Excellent (87) PASSITO 'SOLAMINI ET AMICIS' 2003 Igt Veneto
Dried dates, some currants and bruised apples on the nose, spicy with some old oak, slightly alcoholic notes. Creamy on the palate, herbs and spices, roasted and smoky notes, animal notes, pecan nuts, raisins, currants and pignolias, also some rum punch and malt whisky, powerful alcohol, spicy, unusual, good long finish. (31.10.2008) - Wein-Plus.com

Very good (84) CABERNET SAUVIGNON 'SELECTI' 2003 Igt Veneto Orientale
Partly dried blackcurrants and some dried prunes on the nose, prominent cedary notes, noticeable alcohol,roasted notes. Ripe, partly dried black fruit on the palate, noticeable alcohol again, roasted oak, slightly astringent tannins, not a lot of real depth, sweetish herbaceous notes, sugar candy and some licorice, slightly persistent, noticeable alcohol on an attractive to good finish. (29.10.2008) - Wein-Plus.com

Very good (84) COLMELLO ROSSO 2001 Igt Veneto Orientale
Ripe black berries and partly dried cherries on the nose, dried herbs and spices, light roasted notes. Elegant, juicy, ripe fruit on the palate, prominent spicy oak, light cedary note, light sandy tannins, medium body, good persistence, roasted notes, not particularly deep, good finish. (29.10.2008) - Wein-Plus.com

Very good (84) REFOSCO DAL PEDUNCOLO ROSSO 2007 Igt Veneto Orientale
Partly preserved black berries on the nose, herbaceous notes, dark roasted and smoky notes. Cool, dark, juicy fruit on the palate, more smoky and roasted notes, fairly prominent fine tannins, fairly creamy, polished and with a very supple texture, good persistence, herbaceous notes in the background, touch of licorice, still youthful, good to very goodfinish. (29.10.2008) - Wein-Plus.com

Very good (83) LISON CLASSICO 2007 Doc Lison-Pramaggiore
Candied yellow fruit on the nose, some medicinal herbs. Cool and fairly soft on the palate, herbs and spices, some fennel sees and muted apple fruit, mineral notes in the background, integrated acidity, not particularly deep, harmonious, shows its origins, touch of bitter almonds on an attractive finish. (31.10.2008) - Wein-Plus.com

Very good (83) FRANCONIA 2005 Igt Veneto Orientale
Fairly mature nose, slightly jammy cherries and plums with some black berries, prominent spicy oak. Juicy on the palate, but also has prominent oak, roasted notes and some smoke, hint of licorice and some rubber, fairly cool style, predominantly mature, slightly sandy tannins, good finish. (29.10.2008) - Wein-Plus.com

Very good (82) COLMELLO ROSSO EDIZIONE SPECIALE 2000 Igt Veneto Orientale
Mature nose, partly dried black berries, gingerbread and soup greens, roasted and light cedary notes. Full-bodied, restrained, partly dried fruit on the palate, prominent oak, elegant, tart spicy notes, hint of cocoa, fairly prominent and astringent tannins, noticeable alcohol, touch of gingerbread on the finish. (29.10.2008) - Wein-Plus.com

Very good (81) PINOT GRIGIO 2007 Doc Piave
Partly preserved pears and apples on the nose, light earthy notes, touch of old oak. Uncomplicated style, soft, diffuse pomaceous fruit on the palate, not particualrly persistent, light herbs and spices, integrated, polished acidity, noticeable tannins on the finish, slightly bitter and astringent, made in a traditional style. (31.10.2008) - Wein-Plus.com

Very good (80) SAUVIGNON 2007 Igt Veneto Orientale
Apples on the nose, slightly artificial elderberries and bell peppers. Slightly artificial again on the palate, dissolute fruit, elderberry, vegetal and herbaceous notes, integrated acidity, uncomplicated and not particularly deep, clear varietal character, acceptable to attractive finish. (31.10.2008) - Wein-Plus.com

Satisfactory (79) MERLOT 2006 Doc Piave
Partly candied red and some black berries on the nose, delicate spicy vegetal notes. Fairly light-bodied, slightly spicy fruit on the palate, some carbon dioxide and very noticeable alcohol, sandy tannins, not a lot of real depth or substance, slightly astringent on the finish, with noticeable alcohol again. (29.10.2008) - Wein-Plus.com

Satisfactory (79) MERLOT BARRIQUE 2004 Doc Piave
Fairly mature nose, black berries and partly dried plums, roasted notes. Fairly cool style, restrained dark fruit on the palate, slightly sooty oak, fine but astringent tannins, noticeable alcohol, not particularly deep, astringent again with sooty oak on the finish. (29.10.2008) - Wein-Plus.com

Satisfactory (79) RABOSO 2003 Doc Piave
Mature, delicately oxisative nose, red berries, apples and some pomegranate. Astringent and oaky on the palate, tart, slightly oxidative fruit, loads of sandy and dusty tannins, brittle, noticeable alcohol, some cool herbs and spices, sooty notes, tart, astringent notes on an otherwise attractive finish. (29.10.2008) - Wein-Plus.com

Satisfactory (79) CHARDONNAY 2007 Doc Lison-Pramaggiore
Cool citrus nose, vegetal traces. Soft, fairly simple fruit, elegant acidity, light spicy vegetal notes, nutty traces, not particularly deep, acceptable to attractive finish. (17.11.2008) - Wein-Plus.com

Satisfactory (78) MOLETTO BRUT Millesimato 2006 Vsq
Elegant pple fruit on the nose, delicate spicy yeast. Uncomplicated style, slightly flat, delicate yellow fruit on the palate, delicate apple notes light vegetal and yeasty notes, not a lot of substance, integrated mousse, very little acidity, fairly short finish. (15.10.2008) - Wein-Plus.com

  WINE ENTHUSIAST Magazine – November 15th, 2008

85 points PINOT GRIGIO Doc Piave 2007
This is a light but pleasantly fragrant Pinot Grigio that is generous in terms of its aromas of spring flowers and exotic fruit. It has a bit more structure and chewiness than your standard Grigio and has refreshing length on the finish. (M.L.) - WE Buying Guide

  WINE ENTHUSIAST Magazine – August 1st, 2008

There's a unique peppermint-like element to the nose that rides over aromas of chopped mint,  basil and  spring  flower.  This Prosecco is unlike others in its category and has a lean, compact texture accented by spearmint flavors and persistent bubbling. (M.L.) - WE Buying Guide

85 points PROSECCO FRIZZANTE Igt Marca Trevigiana 2007
Delicate and floral, this Prosecco Frizzante delivers less bubbly fizz, offering low key effervescence instead. There are fruity aromas of Golden Delicious apple and pear that give the wine more body and build. Its close is crisp, clean. (M.L.) - WE Buying Guide


90 points PROSECCO Frizzante Igt Marca Trevigiana - wineandspiritsmagazine.com

  BORIGO No. 23 - June 2008

Ahol nagyon nagy játék a bor- Vazlat az olasz piacról (Tompa Imre) – borigo.hu
Where wine is a gold bargain - Sketch on the Italian market

  GUIDA DEI VINI ITALIANI 2008 - Luca Maroni

Sensations: full-bodied and very smooth … powerful, intense balsamic development. All extremely creamy and enveloping on the palate. 

80 points VERDUZZO TORCOLO 2006
Sensations: excellent density and forcefulness, never cloying. Juicy melon aftertaste highly persistent.

79 points CHARDONNAY Lison-Pramaggiore 2006
Sensations: densely enveloping the taste-aroma of this clean and plantain-like wine, fruit of very ripe grapes.

78 points DEMISEC Moletto 2006
Sensations: highly drinkable, very compelling, good olfactory cleanliness; highly pleasing with immediate perceptual impact. 

81 points CABERNET Lison Pramaggiore 2006

81 points MERLOT BARRIQUE 2004


80 points COLMELLO ROSSO 2001

79 points MERLOT Piave 2005

79 points REFOSCO dal Peduncolo Rosso 2005

78 points LISON CLASSICO 2006

77 points PINOT BIANCO 2006

76 points PINOT GRIGIO 2006

75 points PROSECCO EXTRA DRY 2006 

75 points PROSECCO Frizzante 2006

75 points SAUVIGNON 2006

Conclusive Comment: Lison Classico 2006, smooth, extractive wine. A highly caressing bouquet for Pinot Bianco Lison-Pramaggiore 2006; superior wine-making clarity for Chardonnay Lison-Pramaggiore 2006. Fine density of the two sweet wines tasted, in particular the majestic viscosity of Solamini et Amici Passito 2003. Spine-tingling extracts for the two award-winners, Colmello Rosso 2001 and the smooth Cabernet Sauvignon Selecti 2001. Aged less, they have the basis for excelling. The right expressive fragrance are revealed by Merlot Piave 2005 and Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso 2005. But the best of the Moletto tastings were offered by its spumanti: of tremendous wine-making and olfactory clarity, the two Proseccos, pleasingly full-flavored the Demi Sec Moletto 2006.


"It certainly cannot be said that the Stival family is sitting idly by. In fact, this year to the labels in the tasting was added Solamini et Amici Passito, an impressive wine made from Sauvignon grapes allowed to dry for four months on grates and then aged for thirty months in barriques. Its products remain varied and of good quality, also thanks to the clayey-calcareous soil so conducive to vine-growing."

3 clusters SOLAMINI ET AMICIS PASSITO 2003: Aroma of dried fig, walnut, hazelnut, barley sugar and whiffs of toasting. The sweetness explodes on the palate, immediately balanced by freshness and warmth. The olfactory perception is full, with the addition of hay, almond and honey. 30 months in barrique.

3 clusters LISON CLASSICO 2006: It has the scent of a bouquet of flowers, with almond, hay and a hint of camomile added. Pungent, well-structured; almond aftertaste.

3 clusters CABERNET SAUVIGNON SELECTI 2001: Subtle nose that offers hints of plum, wild berries, spices, pepper and juniper berry. Consistent to the taste with clean-cut tannins. 48 months in barrique.

3 clusters Piave RABOSO 2001: Offers a bouquet of ripe blackberry and sour cherry, followed by quinine and licorice. On the palate, it offers acidity and tannins in the forefront, but which nonetheless allow the full fruity aftertaste to come through, thanks to the balance created by warmth and smoothness. 42 months in used barriques.

3 clusters SAUVIGNON 2006: Manifests the typical flavor of this grape variety, with clear-cut overtones of tomato leaf, yellow pepper, sage and rosemary. Keen and acidic to the taste, with pleasing citrus aftertaste.

3 clusters BRUT Millesimato 2004: Delicately fragrant and citrusy, it reveals a hint of fruit and white flowers. Balanced, good freshness and citrusy aftertaste.

3 clusters MALBECH 2005: Scent of wild flowers, raspberry, cherry and, at base, a slight balsamic note. Warm on the palate with marked tannins and good aftertaste. 

3 clusters REFOSCO dal Peduncolo Rosso 2005: Bouquet opens with rose and violet, followed by wild berry and a balsamic hint. Consistent and balanced on the palate with non-aggressive tannins and fruity aftertaste.

2 clusters MERLOT 2005: Amarena and cherry on the nose. To the taste it is middly fresh and persistent.

2 clusters CABERNET 2006: In the beginning clear vegetal notes, then berries and thyme. Easy to drink with almonds soon as final.


1 star FRANCONIA 2004