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  WINE ENTHUSIAST Magazine, December 31st, 2010

This sparkling wine offers rich and sophisticated aromas of baked bread and mature peach backed by accents of citrus and white pepper. The wine is rich and smooth with piquant effervescence. (M.L.) - WE Buying Guide


95 points Moletto GRAPPA ARNEIS
Clear. Beautiful floral grape blossoms, dried apricot, saddle soap, and suede aromas with a rich, silky, fruity sweet medium-full body and a long, golden raisin chutney, delicate Asian spice, nutmeg, lilac water, beeswax, and cola nut finish. A sensationally vibrant and flavorful grappa. (tasted on Nov-18-2010) - Tastings.com

  WINE ENTHUSIAST Magazine, June 1st, 2010

84 points MOLETTO ROSA frizzante Igt Veneto Orientale
Bright aromas of ripe strawberry and raspberry are followed by more delicate tones of peach and pink grapefruit. This is an easy, no-fuss rosé sparkler with a lean finish and bright acidity. Try it with chicken quesadillas. (M.L.) - WE Buying Guide

83 points RABOSO Frizzante 2008 Igt Veneto Orientale
Raboso Frizzante (lightly sparkling) wine offers an intense ruby color and aromas of spice, ripe cherry and blackberry. This wine drinks like a red (including some mild tannins) with a touch of fizzy effervescence and a sweet, fruity finale. Try this wine with salami, cold cuts and cubed parmigiano cheese. (M.L.) - WE Buying Guide

  IL GAZZETTINO April 9th, 2010

La bottiglia - Se il pinot bianco diventa spumante: Moletto Brut Millesimato 2007
The bottle - If Pinot Bianco grapes become a sparkling wine: Moletto Brut Millesimato 2007

  WINE ENTHUSIAST Magazine, April 1st, 2010

91 points CABERNET SAUVIGNON SELECTI 2003 Igt Veneto Orientale
This powerful expression of Cabernet Sauvignon opens with thick layers of spice and toasted oak that surround a juicy core of cherry and wild berry. You'll also get chocolate and rhubarb. The wine is thick and succulent in the mouth. Pair it with wintery beef dishes. (M.L.) - WE Buying Guide

89 points RABOSO 2003 Doc Piave
This is a bright and perky red wine with well-defined layers of ripe fruit, spice and smoky oak. Made with the native Raboso grape, the wine shows impressive sophistication and detail. Pair with lamb or roast pork. (M.L.) - WE Buying Guide

88 points COLMELLO ROSSO 2001 Igt Veneto Orientale
Here's a blend of Merlot and Franconia (aged 48 months in oak) with straightforward aromas of cherry fruit and underbrush. The wine is smooth and offers slight sweetness followed by some sour notes on the close. (M.L.) - WE Buying Guide

86 points FRANCONIA 2007 Igt Veneto Orientale
Light and luminous, this ruby red wine offers tones of wild berries and exotic spice. The wine is crisp, tart and slightly sour on the close but promises to pair with cream-based pasta or cheesy risotto dishes. (M.L.) - WE Buying Guide

85 points PINOT GRIGIO 2008 Doc Piave
Here's a pretty Pinot Grigio with broad aromas of peach, melon, cut grass and Golden Delicious apple. The wine boasts a luminous, light color and offers drying chalky tones and bright acidity in the mouth. (M.L.) - WE Buying Guide

  17WP - WINE PASSION, March/April 2010

MALBECH 2007 Igt Veneto Orientale: You will love the explosion of fruit and intensity reminiscent of the herbal taste of the peppers and the spices. Clean and original. The palate is fresh, dynamic, almost snappy. More intense than persistent. For red meat and mature cheeses. Unpredictable like Valentino Rossi.


ENOVITA' Piccoli Sorsi di Innovazione - ANNOZERO BRUT Moletto


THE BEST WINE, 89 points CABERNET FRANC Lison-Pramaggiore 2007
Sensations: it has an impressively powerful chlorophyllic vein that is simply wild. The grape aroma is so immediate, it's like biting into a green leaf, a balsamic leaf of super-pure crunchiness. Its bouquet is pure woodland fragrance. The cherry stands out with its flesh that delivers a blow to the strawberry, its olfactory rival. Then there is the fresh breath of raspberry, crisp and purely intense. A prime viticultural and, therefore, enological performance ... nature in its pure state. An extremely smooth red that does not capitalize on the dark power of its meaty tannin, a red of tremendous extractive concentration, and yet, to be drunk with the nose: its olfactory freshness, turgidity, vivacity, lucidity of its bouquet, its whispering perfume of the unstoppable, spicy sweetness of blackberry.

85 points SAUVIGNON 2008

85 points FRANCONIA 2007

84 points PINOT BIANCO Lison-Pramaggiore 2008

84 points ROSATO 2008

84 points MERLOT Piave 2007

84 points MALBECH 2007 


81 points PINOT GRIGIO 2008



80 points CHARDONNAY Lison-Pramaggiore 2008 

80 points BRUT MILLESIMATO 2007

79 points LISON CLASSICO 2008


Conclusive Comment: Compliments to Moletto for the richness of their grapes and, even more so, for their expertise and enological know-how as seen in the lucidity of how some of their wines are made. A varietal such as the Sauvignon 2008 is rare and prestigious. Peach at the truly pure state of native chlorophyllosity. Just like the strawberry/blackberry of the Cabernet Franc Lison-Pramaggiore 2007, for its euphoria and the diamond-like clarity of how it is made, the most fascinating and raspberry-like wine-fruit of the tasting.  Also of great clarity the extremely delicate pear nectar of the Pinot Bianco Lison-Pramaggiore 2008. Winning the cherry of the Rosato 2008. Powerful the sour black cherry of the Franconia 2007, smooth the prune of the Malbech 2007 and Merlot Piave 2007, in both cases convincingly caressingly persuasive. And finally, excellently supple in flavor the Extra Dry Prosecco. A glass of widespread and growing value, congratulations.


"The winemaker Giovanni Stival expressed so about the vivacity of bubbles, "is the extra touch, like a frivolous hat on a beautiful woman." The proof of the Brut Millesimato gives ample confirmation, with taste and frankly protagonists. Clay and limestone make up the plot of this fine sparkling wine, lingering and of character. Good red Malbech, which finds its own identity and acceptance even in this area historically dedicated to the DOC Piave and Lison-Pramaggiore."

3 clusters BRUT MILLESIMATO 2007: A long process of research and experimentation has led to significant results thanks to vinification using selected yeasts and aging in Allier barriques for 20 days with long Charmat method for 18 months. It is icy white with very fine perlage. Rose water, linden, bitter almond clearly perceptible. Lively on the palate, not at all overpowering.

3 clusters MALBECH 2007: Deep garnet red. Green coffee bean, pepper, black olives and paint the unusual bouquet of this wine. Smooth and confected, properly savory on the palate where a significant alcohol level is noted. Violet and tobacco aftertaste. Early-September harvest, 15 months in steel.

3 clusters PROSECCO EXTRA DRY 2008: A cloud. Rosewood, marzipan, white jasmine. The effervescent comes in waves, but on the palate it is balanced and pleasantly in line. Lingering note of green apple. 

3 clusters FRANCONIA 2007: Very intense sour black cherry, vegetable and mineral bouquet. Marked freshness and savoriness, medium-bodied. Contained almond aftertaste, with black pepper and earth. Steel only. Feisty, unusual. For those looking for a "kick".

2 clusters Piave MERLOT 2007: Veined with fuchsia, warm context of cherry jam and dried fruit, then grass and moist soil. Does not evolve in the mouth, limited by lack of freshness.

2 clusters Lison-Pramaggiore PINOT BIANCO 2008: Sweet and grassy, pear and dairy. Fairly good persistence, wavers between strongly alcoholic and savory. Eroded broom shrub tea aftertaste.

2 clusters Lison-Pramaggiore CABERNET 2007: Deep ruby red, almost violet. Insistent bouquet, juniper, cedar wood, violet and cocoa. Unruly freshness, fairly good aftertaste.

2 clusters COLMELLO BIANCO 2006: Golden yellow, balsamic, honey. Overpowering barrique.

2 clusters PIAVE PINOT GRIGIO 2008: Raw, milky hint, red apple. Fleeting.

  VINI BUONI D'ITALIA 2010 – "Vini da non perdere" (Wines not to be Missed)

RABOSO Doc Piave 2003: Authentic the Raboso Moletto produced from the family Stival, only from Raboso Veronese grapes. And 'garnet with a warm spice notes of mint, smooth on the palate thanks to the warmth of the vintage and the long aging. Mouth a little 'short, but full, fairly alcoholic, spicy aftertaste.