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Grappa di Verduzzo 256
Single-vine grappa rigorously produced with traditional copper stills. It has refined flavor and unique bouquet - select distilled product of elegant, balanced refinement.

Wskazówki dotyczące degustacji

Luminously light amber in color –due to refinement in oak–, its bouquet offers an immediate sensation of dried fruit stamped with a clear aroma of chestnut honey. Its round, enveloping taste is abundantly plush with the slightest tannic hint. Rich, complete and pleasantly savory.

Gradazione alcolica

45% by vol. (90 Proof)

Temperatura serwowania

Room temperature.

Wskazówki dotyczące serwowania

Ideal after dinner. Perfect for those who prefer soft and velvety flavors.


0,50 l (USA 750 ml)

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