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From the grape itself comes the must and pomace, living matter whose appearance is perhaps not the most refined, but along with their intense and enveloping vinous aromas, in the end, also offer their ‘spirit’.


Monovitigno Moletto are single-vine grappas rigorously produced with traditional copper stills. They have refined flavor and unique bouquet - select distilled products of elegant, balanced refinement.


Our Acquavite d’Uva, the fruit of fresh musts - masterfully processed with all the simplicity of time-honored techniques - provide a warm, sophisticated setting for your special moments.


Moletto Gin, Mediterranean Spirit. Traditional ingredients enhanced by the craftsmanship of distillation and creative flair. From the Veneto, the Italian region historically most involved in traditional distillation, comes an original gin that combines carefully chosen botanical varieties of juniper berries from the Alps and Mediterranean maquis, with the originality of the tomato.