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Serves 4: 750 g haunch of pork, half an onion, 8 sage leaves, a glass of Malbech Moletto wine, 6 T  Moletto Extra-virgin olive oil Velato, flour, salt and pepper.
To prepare: dice the meat into 3-cm cubes and flour them. Roughly chop the onion with the sage leaves and sauté gently in the oil, in a flame-proof dish. Remove the sautéd onion and sage and put it aside. Place the pork cubes in the flame-proof dish with the cooking juices.  Brown the meat well, on a moderate flame, turning it over so as to color all it evenly on all sides. Add the sautéd onions and sage prepared earlier; add salt, pepper and pour on the wine. Cook at a high heat for a couple of minutes, then cover, lowering the flame and continuing to cook for a further 40 minutes.
Recommended wine:
Malbech Igt Veneto Orientale