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Diamond Trophy and two Gold medals awarded to Moletto Spumante Bianco, Moletto Spumante Rosé and Moletto Prosecco Doc Treviso Extra Dry.
The 8th edition of the Sakura Award international competition - Japan Women’s Wine Awards took place in spring 2021 in Japan.
4562 wines from 32 countries were blindly judged exclusively by a selected female jury chaired by Mrs. Yumi Tanabe and composed only of female wine specialists, namely sommeliers, winemakers, wine school educators, journalists, restaurant and beverage directors, retail store buyers, importers and distributors.
A unique competition of its kind that evaluates wines from a woman’s perspective: this competition has garnered global interest and has set a new precedent for wine competitions.
The Sakura Awards has three goals: to identify the ideal wine for consumption at home, to encourage wine consumption and to increase and support women who work in the wine sector.
Entered to the competition by Yaoko, Moletto sparkling wines conquered the female taste of the jury which awarded them with two Gold Medals - assigned to Moletto Spumante Rosé and Moletto Prosecco Doc Treviso Extra Dry - and with the prestigious Diamond Trophy awarded to Moletto Extra Dry White Sparkling Wine.
Moletto Spumante Bianco Extra Dry had a special approach to the trophy. It was awarded first the Double Gold, then two Special Awards: Best Great Value Sparkling Wine & Best Cost Performance Wine and then the highest award, the Diamond Trophy.
The three Moletto awarded sparkling wines are fragrant, fruity, versatile and easy both to understand and to combine, to be enjoyed as an aperitif, perfect to accompany a complete meal: from fish-based dishes, to those based on vegetables, up to dessert. Also ideal in combination with the delicious Japanese cuisine now very widespread and appreciated globally.
“These awards are a confirmation that Moletto wines satisfy the taste of the Japanese consumer. - declares Mauro Stival - Particular gratitude goes to Yaoko and its team, particularly attentive to quality. To them goes the worth for selecting the Moletto products that best match the Japanese taste and - thanks to the widespread presence of Yaoko Marketplace stores - for increasing the spread of Moletto production in Japan“.