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Moscato giallo


The cluster is medium-large, pyramidal elongated, sparse and with one or two wings. The berry is of medium size, spheroidal in shape, with a thick, consistent, pruinose and green-yellow skin.
The leaf is medium, orbicular, trilobed or whole.


The Yellow Muscat is an aromatic grape variety that is part of the Muscat family.
Yellow muscat is also known by the name of Muscat Sirius, probably in reference to its Middle-Eastern origin.
Most probably this variety was introduced in the Triveneto area in the Middle Ages by Venetian merchants.
The north-east of Italy is in fact today the area most suited to the cultivation of this vine, particularly in the Euganean Hills area, in Veneto, where it is known as “moscato fior d’arancio” (muscat orange flower), while in Alto Adige it is known as goldmuskateller.
The resulting wine is characterized by fresh notes of orange blossom.