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Moletto Prosecco Doc Rosé and New Moletto Prosecco Extra Dry Package Launched in US Market. 
The new year brings a renovation of the Moletto brand. The catalyst for the change was the introduction of Moletto Prosecco DOC Rose’ for which a completely new package was designed.  The new brand identity was also extended to Moletto Prosecco DOC Treviso Extra Dry, already a well-established product in the US market.  
The colors white, pink and silver communicate a freshness and delicacy you will find in this new fragrant, sparkling, rose’ wine.  In the glass, the wine’s color is bright, soft, pink with a persistent perlage along with aromas of refined floral scents and flavors of delicate fruits.   
Gold, is the color that characterizes the new packaging of Moletto Prosecco Doc Treviso Extra Dry.  Gold, that recalls the color of the fully ripe glera grape and gold, the color of a celebration.  Moletto Prosecco Extra Dry is the ideal sparkling wine of conviviality, a sparkling wine for all occasions.  It is certainly a versatile sparkling wine, to be appreciated as an aperitif, as well as during and after the meal.  
"Moletto Prosecco Doc Treviso Extra Dry Moletto is a pleasant sparkling wine, to my taste,  - says winemaker Giovanni Stival - precisely because it is not excessively sweet, which makes it captivating and inviting to drink more.  Its organoleptic characteristics are truly distinctive, both floral and fruity."
The release of these two wines is schedule for February 2021 and will be available in all states at some time during the first Quarter, thanks to the thirty year partnership with Laird & Company.
"I am happy that the launch of the new packaging and the new Prosecco Rosé product starts from the United States. - says sales manager Mauro Stival -  The US market is for Moletto the main foreign showcase and therefore with this new release we wanted to honor the Prosecco lovers of the States. In recent months the watchwords in the company have been: novelty, recognition and beauty. I am convinced that with these two products - Moletto Prosecco Doc Treviso Extra Dry and Moletto Prosecco Doc Rosé Millesimato Extra Dry - we will satisfy both from an organoleptic and aesthetic point of view these objectives."