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Modern winemaking avails itself of new scientific and technological methods, that whilst respecting nature, aim to bring wines of exceptional quality to the consumer's table.
The use made of modern technology at our winery is solely for the purpose of perfecting the various stages of wine production.
None of us will ever be convinced that technology will be able to take man's place as long as our senses and our heart are still needed to appreciate the joy of a glass of wine.
We should like to think that whosoever receives our wine, has more than just a bottle of wine: he has a small part of the world where it was made and also of the people who produced it.

In the wine cellar, avant-garde technology is combined with the best in wine-making tradition

When producing wine, there are acts which have been repeated for centuries, acquired and assimilated but which have become neither automatic nor casual.
Every step, every decision follows a calendar of ‘rites’ influenced by the course of nature: the pressing, the racking, the ageing in barrels…
Every step dictated by a genuine search for quality and the fullness of a good wine.
The pleasure of smelling a cork steeped in the aromas of a superior wine repays all the hard work and care replaced in the waiting and preparation of this prophetic ‘moment of truth’…

The entire wine-making process takes place at our winery in Motta di Livenza:
pressing of the grapes, their maceration, controlled-temperature vinification, spumantization - which is even extreme given the long time it stays on the lees - aging, which we like to call a “long rest” in barriques and tonneaus and the final transfer to bottles.


Moletto is a winery with IFS and BRC international quality certification that further attests to the quality of the wines and other products produced by Moletto.
Certification following BRC and IFS standards is, today, a basic condition requested by many European retail distributors.
BRC and IFS involve product standards designed to ascertain supplier conformity to food-related legislated and safety requirements. They involve the entire process, from production to warehousing.
Moletto has implemented a HACCP system and a documented quality control system of products, processes, personnel and plant security.
Moletto is also an ISO 9001:2008 certified company to guarantee processes and organization and is qualified to bottle organic wines.


You are always welcome at Moletto Winery, a place of tradition and history, where wine is culture and friendship.

Warmth and sincerity are the immediate sensations, without any apparent reason, that wine brings to mind. Every sip renders these precious sensations more vivid and captivating. An atmosphere of warmth and sincerity surrounds you even in the places where wine is made, places that hold secrets and tales that are worthy to be heard first hand.
It would be enough to drink just a single glass of our red wine to get to know us and our winery. Its generous warmth and playful aromas are worth more than 1,000 words could convey of the vast knowledge learned during thousands of years of Italian winemaking civilization.
Our winery, “Moletto” is the fruit of this civilization and aspires to perpetuate through its wines this "culture of wine" that springs from the very roots of the dawn of human genius, with all the passion and knowledge of the art of vinification.
This is why we are available to relate and illustrate our past and our present, because we would like to communicate the magic of an art and a profession that is able to bring people together and unite them in a spirit of universal friendship.