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The bunch has irregular medium-sized, round berries, yellow-green in colour that become golden-yellow  when ripe.
The skin is waxy and reasonably thick.
A succulent, acidulous  pulp with a natural taste.


Traditionally entered in the national register of grape varieties as PROSECCO, it took on its botanical name of GLERA with the Italian Decree of March 27, 2009 (GU n. 146 del 26-6-2009 ) Modificazioni al registro nazionale delle varietà di viti.
This action was necessary to safeguard the name Prosecco on an EC and international level, no longer as a botanical name, but as the name of a wine to be used only in official controlled designation of origin areas as a defense against imitation.
It derives from an ancient local grape called Pucinum by the Romans, and the story that has been handed down starting in the 16th century following research by Volfango Lazio, is that it has its origins in the Carso Hills where there is a town of the same name (Prosecco) and a grape that is very similar called Glera.
But there is no doubt that in the province of Terviso and specifically in the area of Conegliano Valdobbiadene, it found its ideal habitat starting in the mid-1700s and the refinement of the Charmat method for making sparkling wine, first developed by Dr. Antonio Carpene' in the late 1800s, brought it the praise and fame it now enjoys the world over.


MOLETTO NEWS September 2009